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- SINCE 1979 -

"The Swing Bike changed an inventor's life, a rancher's life, my father's life and changed my life as well! I am proud to carry on the Swing Bike legacy!" Greg Willits


Got my Swing Bike today! Assembly went well. Totally smooth ride and lots of fun!


My new ride arrived today! Love it!

Matt H.

We had so much fun on these as kids, love the new design.

Joe F.




"From Dream To Reality" - 40 Years in the Making

(video transcript) It was on a hot afternoon in the late 1960’s when an inventor from Oregon took a break from his work. And from a shade of a large tree watched while his kids took turns doing tricks on their bikes. It was at this moment that an idea... an idea that would change his life, a rancher's life, my father’s life and ultimately change my life as well. With a welding torch, a metal saw and some old springs his children watched in horror as he grabbed on of their bikes and headed towards the work shed. A few days later he emerged with this, the Swing Bike. His kids loved it! His kids friends loved it! In fact he couldn’t keep them off of it. In no time news spread throughout the county of this cool new bike. A wealthy rancher caught wind of the design. This rancher was so excited about the prospects of the Swing Bike that he approached my Father and asked him to help promote it and to take it to market. In the mid seventies the Swing Bike made its debut on the Donny and Marie Osmond Show and sales came flooding in like crazy.

How do you like my new bike? It’s a terrific Donny. It’s really great. Folks you don’t understand this is a special bike. Special? Very Special. It’s a Swing Bike. Not only does the front wheel moves, watch this, the back wheel moves! It’s broken. It’s not broken. You bought a broken bike. That’s the way it is made. I’m going to do a trick now folks. It took me all day to learn this.

It was touted as “the most fun you could have on two wheels!” In fact Jimmy Osmond liked it so much that he wrote a song called: Swing Bike. Here’s a copy of it, let’s take a listen. Swing Bike. Swing Bike. Swing Bike. Oh. There’s a bike like never before. It does all the old tricks and so many more. Swing Bike. If it swings. It’s the one. Get yourself a swing bike and join in the fun. Sound the drum. Cuz here it comes. Swing. Swing. Whoa everybody Swing yeah. Swing. Swing. Whoa everybody Swing yeah. It’s for me. Oh, It’s for you.

So what was it about the swing bike that would excite a Rancher to mortgage his ranch, motivate thousands to buy one without having ridden it and inspire a recording artist to write a song about it? Simply, the swing bike was two bike in one! You could ride swing bike in “normal mode”, like a regular bike. Or with the simple pull of a lever you are instantly in “swing mode” and ready for a indescribable brand of on of a kind, free wheelin fun!

In literally no time, over 30 thousand swing bikes were sold! The swing bike seemed destined for greatness… but in the Seventies they didn’t have the internet or a good way to distribute the bikes. So before the swing bike could gain momentum, the dream died. Fortunately the dream never died for me.

I grew up with the swing bike and my kids grew up riding the swing bike and their friends and countless other people still ask me where they can get one. So after years of constant urging, I pooled all my resources and I’ve done everything I can do to make this dream a reality. Now surrounded by talented engineers and designers the swing bike is ready to launch! We’ve re-engineered swing bike with a patent pending design that will enhance the swingablility of the ride experience that is truly the most fun you can have on two wheels. We’ve also rethought the look and aesthetics of swing bike from the wheels up, so that the visual vibe of the design mirrors the feel of the ride! Everything is in place. Our manufacturing partners are set. With your help, the dream that is 40 years in the making can become a reality and a whole new generation of fun seekers can experience the one-of-a-kind rush of the Swing Bike! Swing. Swing. Whoa everybody Swing yeah.